Unleash the Internet

For the last 8 years the total percentage of Americans with access to broadband Internet has stagnated at 95%. That 5% of Americans that live in areas not covered are in rural, remote communities and are also mostly poor. If any segment of American society needs the Internet the most, it is these people. The Internet can connect people from across the world and lift people out of their remoteness and poverty. Every American deserves to benefit from the Internet and we she make the final step to having 100% coverage.


Promoting America...

International Organizations such as the United Nations or the World Trade Organization can help bring order to an otherwise chaotic international scene and the United States should always work with them when possible to promote international peace and trade. However, the laws of international organizations can never trump American sovereignty and we firmly believe it should remain that way. The American people are the only ones that can decide American foreign policy and international organizations cannot strip them of that.


Space Exploration

The United States has always been the world’s leader in space exploration and discovery since we were the first to walk on the moon in 1969. To inspire our children, to push the boundaries, and to feel the excitement of reaching new places, we need to continue our quest into space. With the support and partnership of fast growing space industries, the United States needs to continue to be the leader in space.


Lower Taxes

Taxes, by their very nature, reduce a citizen’s freedom. Their proper role in a free society should be to fund services that are essential and authorized by the Constitution, such as national security, and the care of those who cannot care for themselves. We reject the use of taxation to redistribute income, fund unnecessary or ineffective programs, or foster the crony capitalism that corrupts both politicians and corporations.